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Break out of the Herd to be Heard!

Updated: Feb 4

Besides being a Myofascial Release therapist at MFR Works, I also sideline as a sheep herder! Last season we had six mothers reject their lambs, so we raised them inside for ten weeks.

Now they live outside with the bigger herd. When I enter the pasture they follow me around single file at times, as this image reflects.

My heart beams with joy when I turn around and see this occur.  They still regard me so positively.  I am apart of their family- their herd.    They desire and celebrate connection just like we do.  Lately, however I have been questioning my choices when it comes to herding sheep.   A few weeks ago, I attempted to interrupt their programming, by changing the location where I feed them on the farm.  Gosh, it has been nearly impossible to convince them to make a new conscious choice.  They are creatures of habit, with a “herd mentality” just like we are.   This situation very much reminds me of what I experience with clients during a MFR treatment session.   One of the goal’s of the session, being to invite the client to make a new conscious choice, by interrupting their body’s unconscious holding patterns. It intrigues me that one of the key’s to doing so is to soften and melt onto the table.   As a person “let’s down” their guard, so to speak, their body is given permission to speak….to finally be heard!   As their fascia unwinds, spontaneous movements may emerge as well as sounds. Although this may appear odd to our social conditioning, this approach to healing has been around for centuries.  I encourage you to give it a try; to break out of the herd, so you can be heard!  One the keys to healing, is feeling, which necessitates that you listen to your body.   At MFR Works, we teach you how to do this in a friendly and rewarding way.

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