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Client receiving a sphenoid release near her outer eye at MFR Works.


"Julia is a gifted bodyworker; I have been seeing her regularly for more then a year.  She is creative, skilled, enthusiastic, intuitive and kind.  She pulls from many practices and disciplines and deeply understands the relationship between mind, body, heart and spirit.  She brings her experience and study as a trainer into the room and always has suggestions for me to move with more ease and grace. My posture has improved, my pain has lessoned, and my range of motion has increased.  Julia is helping me change the way I move, inviting me into a greater sense of what is possible in my life and supporting me in finding a friendly home in my body.  I recommend her whole-heartedly. " - Janet Novinger  70yrs. old. 

“"MFR has taught me the value of relaxing.  After four treatments it has improved my sleep to such an extent that I have weaned myself off of sleep aids. " — Jim Goldberg - President Goldberg Investment Advisors


“Julia facilitates healing.  She has one of the best set of hands to have ever touched my body.   I could feel love and caring  pouring through her hands and well as her divinely feminine presence.  I had just been diagnosed with cancer when I began seeing her.  I felt my relationship with my body shift as Julia provided me with encouragement and myofascial release that touched my heart as well, inviting me to befriend my body in new ways.  She explained to me that fascia restrictions reflect holding patterns. She invited me to begin making new choices regarding how I showed up for myself, right there on the table.  Working as a team, we began to say good bye to old ways of relating, and hello to healthier ones. By the time the sessions were over,  I felt full of hope and gratitude. Her continual encouragement to ask for what I wanted was so effective because that was an area of challenge in my life. She also demonstrated tp me ways of being kind and attentive to my body in a way that I referenced  beyond sessions. That kind of attitude, I believe paved the way for the cancer to leave. I now have a totally clean bill of health. I most highly recommend Julia!”

—Alisha Das Hayes, Spiritual Counselor and Coach.

“If you work at a computer all day, this treatment is the ultimate release for the head and neck.  It not only relaxes the muscular tension, but also my whole system.  I feel so much better! "

 — Amy Van Etten - West Coast Director US Weekly Magazine Representative 

“I am in LOVE with Julia’s hands. My body is incredibly receptive to her touch - healing happens each time I work with her!  I am a bodyworker myself and am very picky about who works on me. I look forward to many more sessions with Julia!

—Berti Klein - Dance Movement Therapist, CranioSacral Practitioner

“I spent over a month with excruciating sciatic pain.  I tried chiropractic care to experience no relief.   After just one treatment with Julia, the pain began to shift.  After two, it cleared!  Her hands are healing!” 

—Heather McLaughlin -  Account Representative

"Julia's work is AWESOME. She knows her stuff, she works it, she teaches it, she LOVES it! And it shows!!  Julia's passion and joy in her many sessions with me is a delight as the receiver, but I don't get off lightly! She has me work it too!! I get my "homeplay" and I get to go beyond where it's comfortable for my mind, and my resistances.  Julia brings an amazing array of tools and skills from throughout her life's works. She coaches, suggests new approaches for stubborn parts of my body, and stubborn parts of me. Julia is a delight to work with, with just the right amount of "Do it”!!  Julia is a fun, all round professional. Go JULIA!!

--Richard Price - Head Engineer,  Now Productions 

"One session with Julia marked the beginning of an exciting adventure into my own levels of commitment to myself. I was amazed at my ability to engage in a dietary regimen completely free of sugar, dairy, wheat and "bad" fat (who wants to be a "bad" fat person?). For the first time in my life, I was not only able, but happily able, to successfully follow thru with such a strict (self imposed) program. - I am now 20 pounds lighter and 20 pounds happier and still attempting to figure out whether it was the power of Julia or the power of MFR (myofacial release) that facilitated "Markie's Excellent Adventure". Hey! You may be able to figure this out for your self. .....Thanks, Julia, for the journey (the journey is, indeed, the destination).

--Marc Varner

Julia is an absolute deLight! The level of healing I've received in her sessions has been profound to say the least. It has brought forward a deeper awareness of my internal reality in relationship to my body and Spirit. Not only is she a gifted body worker, she is also a magnificent life coach and is able to guide the session into a higher level of clearing an integrity. She is intuitive, intelligent, joyful, sensitive, insightful, caring and experienced. I highly recommend sessions with Julia.

--LeAnna Sharp- Artist

Julia is an incredible coach-- for getting in shape physically, mentally and spiritually.  An amazing woman!   Through the steady support of her wise, kind and very knowledgeable heart, she has precipitated in me an inner transformation that will enable me not only to deliver my gifts more effectively as a performer, but to inspire others to be their best selves in the world.  You are so lucky if you get to work with her!  I speak from grateful experience.  --- Laurel Airica- World Magic 

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