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Happy Mother's Day!

On the farm we celebrate Mother's Day early, since so many of our ewes give birth during April. We call this "lambing" season. What is spectacular about lambing season is that ewes give birth to twins and triplets without needing any of our help.

White Ewe gave birth to black triplets, who look nothing like her!
White ewe after giving birth to triplets, 2 hours later.

Last year we even had one ewe give birth to quadruplets, all on her owe! What an amazing act of Mother Nature! As I marvel about this, I am reminded that in humans, the strongest muscle in the body is.... the uterus. Any woman who has experienced cramps with her menstrual cycle knows this, as well as any woman who has delivered a child. As a practitioner of MFR, I am also reminded that our fascia can generate up to 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch. I often remind clients of this when I first meet them. Unlike traditional massage or other forms of bodywork, MFR is not so much something that I do to a client, rather it is something we do together. The essence of which is to LOVE- the willingness "to be with oneself" from the inside out, softening, melting and letting go with each breath. Although my skilled touch is important, I can not force the fascia to unwind. I am not that strong! It is an inside job! Becoming skilled at unwinding has many benefits on and off the table, since it deepens one's relationship with oneself. I find that being with my body in a caring and kind way invites forward my loving nature. Life feels better when I invite Mother Nature to lead the way, like the ewe's do at time of delivery.

What a wonderful mix of animals! Ewes, lambs and chickens!
It's lambing season at Sunland Vineyards!

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