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Client receiving arm traction at MFR Works, with Julia Snyder DSS, LMT.

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes you may need a little help. That’s where my services come in...... 


Our body's holding patterns, reflect our life story.  Some of those stories play out like fairy tales, others play out like tragedies.  No matter what the narrative, nature wants us to learn from our experiences- to complete them.   The John Barnes approach to myofascial release, will support you in doing so.   It's holistic nature is what drew me to it, working all four levels of our beingness: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   In addition to MFR, I may weave tenants of wellness coaching, and corrective exercise into the mix, as explained below.  I also offer them individually.


Letting go of painful patterns, many of which are unconscious,  is the aim of a MFR treatment session.
The therapist elicits the body's healing intelligence to do so, activating the piezoelectric system. 
Our cells are piezoelectric, which means electrical fields are generated when cells are compressed or stretched for a sufficient amount of time.  The energy released vibrates the cell's molecules, stimulating blocked energy to flow, restrictions to clear, and the tissues of the body to rehydrate.

Rehydration brings the tissue

back to life, easing pain and restoring function. 

"The body is brilliant at knowing where it needs to let go,

if you let it lead.

It has the ability to unwind all painful patterns, if you can ask your intellect,

to hold back from trying

to comprehend it all."  

--Ronelle Woods, MFR Therapist

Author of "Touching Light"


I am your number one fan cheering you on, to live your life to the fullest, while grounding your lifestyle in healthy habits.  Having been on the receiving end of feedback most of my life, as a competitive athlete and stage performer,  I know what a difference coaching can make!

It boosts

*aliveness* accountability *motivation * resourcefulness *self-confidence   *ingenuity *determination

* name a few! 

 We'll expand into the future to create a new vision for your wellness.  Visit the past for inspiration, then land in the present to take weekly action steps.  On a consistent basis, I will check in with you, to transform obstacles into stepping stones, 

and to celebrate your wins! 

We will keep things moving in a fulfilling, enjoyable and perhaps even playful manner.  Plus, we will literally move you! Spending little time processing, and instead putting you in motion, as we turn to your body's intelligence for insight, guidance and clearing. A pioneer in body-intelligence coaching,  I am lucky enough to call Katie Hendricks, Ph.d.

my mentor.

"If it's physical, it is therapy!"  

-- Katie Hendricks Phd


As I workout each day, I like to remind myself that the body wears out from too much use, or lack of use.  It really is up to me to determine where I fall, in that continuum.  By being receptive and attuned, I keep things in balance.  Yet, inevitably over time, my lifestyle has proven itself to be out of balance!  I admit it!  Rather then judge the experience, I simply aim to learn from it.  I prove I do, by my willingness to make


new choices!  

I extend this same grace to my clients.  Aches and pains, migraines, sprains and strains, are all just the body's way of giving us feedback- we are out of alignment.    Thanks to corrective exercise, we can course correct!   For some of us, this means exercises that strengthen.  For others, it might be ones that lengthen.  While others may simply need to stop moving, and spend more time snoozing! Regardless of where you fall in this continuum, when you make

new choices, 

 you are more likely to


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