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Ready to Heel or Heal?

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Our dog Milly perfectly embodies the characteristics of her breed, a Great Pryrennes. She adores attention. She is passionate about guarding the farm, including her herd of sheep. Yet, she does so all on her own accord. Much like the way many of us treat our physical bodies, she ignores our pleas, and requests for change. Even the command "heel" falls flat with Milly. Gratefully, we got her attention with a shock collar. Utilizing the same technology, our bodies also may resort to shock therapy to get our attention. An irritated nerve becomes a transformational tool, inspiring us to make long needed changes in our lives. In some ways, the word heal is synonymous with the word change. "More of the same, equals more of the same," shares Paul Chek, a renown leader in holistic health. He shares that to heal, we must interrupt the factors contributing to the discomfort, otherwise our efforts produce temporary results. Interrupting patterns is apart of what occurs during an MFR session. Rather than be a "heel" and ignore your body, instead you are invited to "heal" by giving your body a voice! The willingness to "to be with" whatever is emerging and to express it, supports the change process. Using your voice is just one of the many variables we play with during an MFR session to promote authentic healing. (There is more to come on this topic!)

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