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Julia Snyder, Head Therapist at MFRWorks


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"Treat the symptoms, look elsewhere for the cause."


Fascia is a three dimensional web of tough connective tissue that runs  throughout our entire body.  As the image above depicts, restrictions in one area can pull on another. Ouch!  In effect, we treat the whole body, not just the areas that are symptomatic, so we won't neglect a key area.

Father and Daughter with Sparkler

Teens to Seniors!


Clients receiving the therapy are encouraged to be active participants in their own healing and well being.  This begins on the treatment table and extends into their private lives. "New choices" are encouraged.  Reconnect, reawaken and rejoice in your body!

It loves you.

Ease Neck Pain with Myofascial Release

"Soften, melt, let go"  


Being able to soften is necessary in order to achieve a release of the fascia.  As we couple your soft  awareness with my skilled touch, restrictions will begin to melt.  As the area rehydrates, your tissues come back to life.  

This feels wondrous! 

My Father, Dr. Mark Snyder  consulting with a patient.



I'm a fan of Mother Nature!

Growing up, I recall racing my pony through the cherry orchards, pretending to be Mother Nature.  I still love to celebrate nature, especially when it comes to healing.   Minimizing medications, injections and surgery was instilled in me by my father, a respected physician.  His goal was to collaborate with the body's inherent healing intelligence.   So, is mine. 


Are you ready to break the cycle of trauma, pain and dysfunction?     MFR-Works can help using the proven most effective method of myofascial release: John F. Barnes Myofascial Release.   

This friendly hands-on therapy technique consists of applying "sustained" pressure into restricted areas without gliding on the surface of the skin.  

If you enjoy bodywork, and would like the benefits to extend longer

try MFR-Works.   

I've worked with Julia multiple times. Her work and presence is stunning, in that she holds a safe place for me to experience curiosity, exploration and allowance as my body is given an opportunity to be heard. My experience is that this container of time, touch and witnessing allows my body to express itself and be honored. The shifts in my energy have been palpable. Julia is a rare gem and I am grateful she is part of my process of unfolding.  "

--Dr. Lin Morel

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